Art JPG is a royalty free photography website, where you are able to download my photos and use them for your own personal use. I would much appreciate it is you could credit me if you use my photos and if you could send me a quick email to let me know where you are using it so that I could put it on my resume. I have photos in varying resolution, which means that some of them work great in small sizes only, where as some of them can actually be blow up to A3 size and used as poster or wallpapers.

My name is Alexandra Simmons and I am currently studying in college in West Virginia. I am talking a photography course and it is my dream to one day be a professional photographer and videographer. In the meantime I thought this website would be the perfect outlet for my passion and would really help me to hone my craft. In addition, since I am taking such a huge portfolio of images for college I thought I might as well put them to maximum use and put them out on the inter-web. I really hope you all like my photos and would very much appreciate your feedback because this will really help me to improve and find the right direction.

At present I am shooting a variety of photos and experimenting with various styles and equipment. I have been lucky enough to travel a lot, so have taken photos from various trips I have done both through college and with family and friends. In America I have taken photos in New York, Washington DC, Yellowstone and Arizona. I recently went on a road trip through Canada from Calgary to Vancouver Island. I have also been on trips to India, where I photographed my cousin's Indian destination wedding, to the UK, where I have photographed famous sites such as big ben, the London eye and Stonehenge and Iceland where I have photographed magnificent waterfalls and glaciers. Apart from these documentary and landscape photos, I have also taken photos of my friends and family in portrait style and many photos (too many) of my cats!

I am currently experimenting with Photoshop and In Design to tweak my photos and use creative effects to enhance them while making sure that they still look natural and no overly Photoshopped. My bucket list of places to visit to take photographs that I’ve not had the chance to go to yet are Norway, Africa and New Zealand. I really hope that either work or pleasure takes me to those places one day.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope you like my photographs!